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S10 rear end codes

It is similar to the H-Body configuration and the Third and Fourth Generation F-Body designs. 5 inch 10 bolt rear axle with disc brakes. We have the largest selection of Chevrolet S10/S15/Sonoma Rear Axle Assembly parts at discount prices. The newer S10's had a lifted 4x4 opt, XR-2. 08: 40/13: WE: YE: 1965: GTO: 3. There are rumors that the upcoming Huawei P30 Pro will also have four on Shop Chevrolet S10 Axle Seal. Two covers are available to fit both the early 8. sierragear. Much stronger than the 7. 88/6. Axle codes by year [] 10 bol[] 10 bolt ID tipIf you don't have the codes on hand to identify if a 10 bolt rear end is an 8. 8 95+ Ford Explorer. 8 Feb 2017 (It should be one of these, but if you don't find a "GU" code, please post up all of the codes which start with "G" and we'll get it figured out. I answered as though the 1998 is a 2 wheel drive. 2-inch and the later 8. See the http://h-body. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All our 2003 Chevy S10 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly inventory come with a 1-year warranty, FREE shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. 07 G72 Rear Axle 2. 28 Jan 2017 Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification Stamped axle codes 1975 - 1979, S10, Sonoma: 1995 - 2003 (4WD with ZR2 option, S10 SS, Xtreme,  12 Jul 2002 GU4=3. And no matter what rear end I find it will have better gears than my 2. Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually located on the placard labeled “Service Parts Identification” inside the drivers door panel or glove box. 36 m m gto hd metallic brakes 1964 3. Axle Guys is the second hand provider of a S10 8. The 1964 serial numbers are found on the bottom of the carrier. Collins, Colorado Reg: 11-05-04 Rear Differential. GM Chevy S10 Complete 9 Rear End Package-Fits: Chevy S10 *Description is for basic package with default options. Find a quality Chevrolet S10/S15/Sonoma Rear Axle Assembly and other used Truck parts from the top auto salvage yards. 11 gears b/c my truck's went bad, and my glove box sticker is gone. Information given is for GM-manufactured rear ends. They come with dics brakes and they are only 3" wider than the S10 rear. 5" and 3-1/4" for a 7. 5 in 1969-70 period. 9 out of 5 stars 17 $299. 5" rear end parts for 1-ton trucks. Jan 26, 2019 · Here is how to read the RPO vehicle option codes in a GMC or Chevrolet General Motors truck. 29 GH3 Rear Axle 2. 23 GU6=3. 2 10-bolt, a “PA” stamp in the leading edge of the passenger side axle tube would 03 s10 blazer rear end in my 87 s10? by SouthernR » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:03 pm I have access to a complete rear end out of a 03 s10 blazer its a 3:42 limited slip setup according to the gu codes DS-2 Performance Shocks for 1982-04 Chevy S10, Blazer and GMC S15, Jimmy (ea) The DS-2 High Performance Shock is a nitrogen pressurized shock with high performance valving, a hardened chrome piston rod, low friction teflon seals, guide bushings, and OEM style mounting bushings. Get the best deals on Rear Differentials & Parts for S10 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. In 1970 the rear end was built in both 10 and 12 bolt versions. org/ FAQ website for details on where to find rear axle codes and matching ring gear diameters. The rear end is centrally located between the rear wheels. 4x2 7-5/8" ring gear sport chassis package (opt ZQ8) 3. 23 k k gto reg brakes 1964 3. With 4 wheel drive the front end has to pull a little. Currie 9-inch Housing and Axle Packages for 1982 thru 1997 Chevy S-10/Blazer and GMC S-15/Jimmy 2WD trucks and SUVs, are built to match the vehicles stock axle width, pinion offset, suspension mounting locations and wheel bolt pattern - for a straight forward hassle free installation The Chevy’s rear axle code contains information on the vehicle’s gear ratio, date of manufacture and the rear axle assembly plant. What type of rear end axle would be in a 1998 Chevy S10 LS? In the glove box will be a self affixed tag with many codes upon it. Check it out here. 5/7. 2-liter engine get a combined 17 mpg with the rear-wheel-drive and 16 mpg with all-wheel-drive. GM Differential Identification & Specs. So if the gearing is wrong and the rear is pushing it won't work out. 10 G90 Rear Axle 3. Daniel Jones. Please select a rear end that matches your vehicle below. 625" variety (used in both the 4cyl/6cyl, 4x2/4x4 models). RANDYS carries GM differentials from the small 6. 73 GJ1 Rear Axle Look under the rear of the vehicle. 5in. Rear Axle, Suspension, and Gears Gear Ratios and Identification Codes (Checkout this Page!) Rear axles can be identified by a code stamped on the front of the right axle tube about 3 inches out from the carrier and 30 to 45 degrees above horizontal or on a metal tag attached to a rear cover bolt. The pinion depths are the same which saves a huge driveline headache. 00 Complete, ready to bolt-in Currie ® 9-inch rearend for 1982 thru 1997 Chevy S-10/Blazer and GMC S-15/Jimmy 2WD trucks and SUVs. Most of the mid-size vehicles like the SUV and pickup truck were geared higher. 7. S10 S15 Luv Blazer. The Galaxy S10 5G will have four rear cameras, although one is a 3D depth-sensing camera for better portrait photos and AR. Here is a link Re: Updated rear end codes page by Limey SE on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:57 pm dude that rocks but you stole my Picture LOL No seriously a good job by the involved parties S10 rear end id. This decodes to October 25, 1967. This is used to identify which type of rear differential gear is installed into a vehicle. The RPO vehicle option codes are printed on a sticker in the glove box of your truck. 1982-93 Chevy S10 1982-93 GMC S15, Sonoma Rear Axle Shaft 2 Wheel Drive "A" 1982 Chevy S10 Pickup 2WD 1983 Chevy S10 Pickup 2WD 1984 Chevy GM RPO Codes, or General Motors “Regular Production Option” codes contain lots of valuable information about your GM vehicle. just not interested in g80 prefer 3. N. We have the largest selection of General Motors S10/S15/Sonoma Rear Axle Assembly parts at discount prices. Chevrolet S-10, S-15 and GMC Sonoma pickup trucks greatly benefit from lowered ride height and improved ride quality. It usually starts with GU or GT: GU2 2:73 ratio GU4 3: 08 ratio GU5 3:23 ratio GU6 3:42 ratio GT4 3:73 ratio GT5 4:10 ratio GQ1 Open Differential Rear Axle G80 Positraction/Locking Rear Axle Any year 4wd S10 rear end will be 5" wider than any year 2wd S10 rear end. An older guy who has worked with s10's almost exclusively since they came out told me the blazer rear ends were too short. 5" on each side and will be noticed from the outer edge of the leaf spring saddles to the brake backing plate flangedisc or drums. You can typically find your RPO code on driver side door panel or glove box. I. If you are putting out more horsepower   Re: S10 rear end id. 62 G82 Rear Axle 4. This axle is said to be nearly 4 inches wider than a regualar S10 axle,don't know if they mean wider than the allready wider 4x4 8. 2l engine came stock with a 4. 99 $ 299 . Joined: Apr 19, 2008 Messages: 3. 08 d d gto reg brakes 1964 3. 15 G91 Rear Axle (HWY) 3. Before i put in my 4 link and all that jazz, i want to put a posi rear end in my 99 s10. Items may be different than pictured. Feb 16, 2018 · Busting the myths and explaining specifically how to know if an S10 came from the factory with an 8. 5″ Rear End; How To Select Proper Rear-End / Differential Gear Ratio; Mopar Body Style Codes; Popular Automatic Transmission Dimensions 82-97 Chevy S-10 9-Inch Rearend Builder $3,511. Buy high quality used 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly cheap and fast. 99 I know a guy who's running a V8 swap in his S10 with a stock rear for years, so some do work. Kits either fit 82-92 or 92-03 rears but please verify your axle flange with the diagram below before ordering. 3 Liter Automatic Transmission 4. The date code on a rear end housing is simple to decode. General Motors has a wide range of front and rear ends! We carry everything from the 7. 23 If buyer paid extra, and there is a code for this on the inside of the glove box, then you could get a 3:73 limited slip. It was the 7. 14 G75 Rear Axle 3. 73 ratio (opt GT4) Pontiac Rear End Gear Codes; Year: Model: Rear Gear: Teeth Count: Standard Code: Locking Code: 1965: GTO: 3. Jul 01, 2009 · In 1998, the S10 manual 2. To begin with it's a 1963 C10 swb, it has a 1968 250 inline six and a 1984-1986 T5 transmission. 99 $ 29 . 5-inch, 10-bolt units; the stock replacement replicates your OE cover, while the girdle reinforcement adds strength. Buy high quality used 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly cheap and fast. 31 G96 Rear Axle 3. West Coast Differentials stocks a complete line of light duty axle parts for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dana, Ford, GM, Jeep and Toyota and more! Finally, a rear disc brake conversion that doesn't break the bank. In this article, however, we would not be going through further details rather we will list out all Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10E. 42 axle ratio (opt GU6) 4x2 7-5/8" ring gear sport chassis package (opt ZQ8) 3. 10 gear. I am trying to figure out what rear axle assembly I have and I need some help, I don't know if it has been swapped out or not. 73 GH0 Rear Axle 3. S10 rear end codes. 6" (GM 7. 5 rearend denotes it is usable for any 1978-’88 GM A or G-body intermediate like a Cutlass, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Malibu, Regal, or Grand Prix. 5" or not, you can measure the distance between the very bottom bolt for the cover and the next adjacent bolt (either right of left), it will be 3-3/4" for a 8. 42(GU6) and a 3. This three-digit code refers to the RPO codes in used at General Motors. 73 GT5=4. 08 G94 Rear Axle 3. 99 I e-mailed a salvage yard about the numbers I found stamped on the axle tube of my 10-bolt chevy rear end the numbers are: XKP K211 1 They said that the XKP meant that it was a 8. Discussion in 'Forum Questions & Suggestions' started by fredf1980, Apr 19, 2008. Find a quality General Motors S10/S15/Sonoma Rear Axle Assembly and other used Auto parts from the top auto salvage yards. Look for another rpo code in the glove box for the ratio. 10 HC4=4. 08: 40/13: XE: ZE: 1965 Identify a rear end. com. The control arm-mounting ears on top of this 7. 23 l l gto hd metallic brakes 1964 3. Posted on Mar 14, 2009 Mar 01, 2010 · GQ1 means you have a standard rear end with no traction adder. Serviceable parts are also available individually. AxleGuys. The code starting with the letter G will be the ratio code needed to ID the rear axle Title says 1998 4 wheel drive, question says 1998 2 wheel drive. 5" rear end. We make it easy to verify your exact rear end by providing specs and year, make, and model applications for There are 18 choices for the 2001 Chevrolet S10 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly !!! Choose Your Option. 625") axles including ring and pinion sets, rebuilt kits and bearings, differential covers, upgraded axle shafts, heavy duty u-joints, and more. Pull the cover. The people that gave you the thumbs down are clearly uneducated experts. Source(s): https Mar 25, 2016 · There are literally hundreds of these codes for the three different 10-bolt rear-end housings we’re discussing here, so it’s beyond the scope of this answer to list all of them. In 1971, GM instituted a standardized "corporate" rear axle. 5 0r not. I bought a 10 bolt GM rear end and was told it was from a second gen Camaro- it is stamped drivers side F115 also drivers side c2 passenger side 15 and the casting number is n 1249518 B I have looked at decode charts to no avail, any help would be appreciated? Thank you Find 1989 CHEVROLET S10 BLAZER Differential & Rear-End Components and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! G76, Rear Axle (Posi) The following is a complete list of GM RPO axle codes for Chevy and GMC vehicles starting with FA1, Rear Axle (2 Speed), 4. Chevelle Rear End | El Camino Rear End. Designed to fit both 2wd and 4wd axles. 25" IFS front end parts, to the large 11. pontiac rear end decoder year ratio open posi model notes: 1964 3. com gm rpo codes: g11 : ratio, transaxle final drive 2. It consists of a two or three letter prefix representing the gear ratio code, four-digit number for the assembly date in a month/day format and a single letter denoting the manufacturing location. The installation of this assembly took place until 2003. 5". RideTech’s complete bolt on coilover suspension system incudes wishbone rear suspension, tubular a-arms, bumpsteer kit, HQ series coilovers, and a front MuscleBar™ sway bar. 5 10 bolt, i want to We want to offer this 1981 to 1989 GM Truck V. Those codes are only listed on the spid, not on the axle/housing. 5 inch. Rear Axle 3. 96 S10. Nov 13, 2005 · s10 rear end rpo codes: S10lady36: Transmission - Rearend: 2: 10-14-2003 08:20 AM: Rear End width? pozz33: Transmission - Rearend: 1: 10-08-2003 04:57 PM: Rear End There are two different ratios for a S10 Blazer,a 3. ) Just for  25 Mar 2016 As with all GM Salisbury rear axle assemblies, the number of bolts, of these codes for the three different 10-bolt rear-end housings we're  The most inclusive G3 rear axle information on the internet! If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, feel free to PM one of the Admins. 55 n n gto hd metallic brakes TADD Replacement for Chevrolet S10 / S15 & GMC Sonoma Rear Driveshaft 1994-2003 2 Weel Drive 4. 20 Jun 2019 If you're shopping for a pickup truck, the rear axle ratio should be at the Enter your ZIP Code below to find CarProUSA Inventory in your area. The rear axle codes are located on the passengers side front and inside the spring perch. Meanwhile, Suburbans with a 6. 94. For 1964 through 1970, It includes the month, day and year such as J257. It can, however, utilize either the 26 or 28 spline axles. Filthy Motorsports carries a wide range of parts, gears, and upgrades for the GM 7. 73 rear I pulled out of a '93 S10 with a friend recently. This rear end was available in a 10 bolt version only. Be sure to get the driveshaft with the rear end, since it is well - 1/2 inch shorter. The rear axle identification code consists of a three letter prefix indicating the gear ratio, four digits indicating the assembly date as month/day, and a single letter suffix indicating the manufacturing location. * Some pages require Microsoft Word and Excel v7 for Windows95 ©. Differential & Axle Parts Specialists We have your differential parts in stock ready to ship today. I need to replace brakes, axle seals, possibly axle bearings and eventually go to 3:73 ratio. 55 f f gto reg brakes 1964 3. T/A Performance manufactures an improved rear end cover for the B-O-P 10-bolt differential that adds a reinforcement girdle across the outside of the cover. GM RPO Codes, or General Motors “Regular Production Option” codes contain lots of valuable information about your GM vehicle. 54 GH2 Rear Axle 2. com/gm-rpo-axle. Username Post: s10 rear end width - truck and blazer? (Topic#143827) Daryla1933 Senior Member Posts: 612 Loc: Ft. Hope this helps. The standard 10 bolt cover is typical on these units. 5 rear end beginning in 1995. Month codes are A through L for January through December. I can not find the decoding of the letters WAO 021 1, W80 C263, WDB C261. Share Close extra  On each GM differential, there is a code on the ring gear which shows the number of teeth, and therefore the ratio. The S10 truck by Chevy used an 8. 5 rear end for sale at an affordable price tag. Rear Axle Code example: CB G 112 1 E (CB = Ratio, G = Plant, 112 = 112th day of year, 1 = shift, E = Positraction Source) Assembly Plant Codes Buick - B Buffalo - C Cadillac - D Detriot Gear & Axle - G GM of Canada - K Warren, MI - W Oldsmobile - O Pontiac - P Pontiac/Canada - M Shift: D or 1 = Day shift| N or 2 = Night shift Positraction Rear ends with measurement designations are named after the diameter of the ring gear, i. They come with 3:55,3:73, 4:10 gears with limited slip. These had the much stronger 8. 5" and 7. 3D LED 3rd Tail Brake Light Rear Cargo Lamp for 1994-2004 Chevy GMC S-10 S10 Sonoma Regular Cab or Crew Cab Genuine Hombre GMT325 RHA High Mount Third Brake Light(Smoke) 5. com has a GT4 rear axle for sale that is in preowned condition on this website. 42 GT4=3. REAR END FROM S-10. The difference between the 2 wheel and the 4 wheel could/would be gearing. 08(GU4). March 31, 2016. How To Install a Limited Slip/Posi Unit in a GM 10 Bolt 8. 8 Rear-End; How to Narrow a Ford 8. 2 were used a lot in Chevelles, Novas, and Camaros in the '60's, but they were replaced by the 8. 8:14 AM. Summit sells a control arm set that will properly adapt them. I've heard you can swap a s10 blazer 4x4 rear end (drum to drum) and all to get the posi on an s10. 5 ring gear, 3:73, locker, and the rest of the numbers meant that it had 2. The 8. A ZR2 rearend is wider yet. Facebook · Twitter; Show more sharing options. 77 GH4 Rear Axle 2. 55 G97 Rear Axle 2. 2 and 8. 5" rear end strength for an S10 You could go with the rear axle out of a 8. Apart from the new fingerprint sensor, high-end Galaxy S10 Plus also ships with 3 cameras on the rear and two in the front which makes total of 5 cameras. On the back of the unit, count the number of bolts holding the inspection plate cover to the rear end housing. Look in your glove box for a GM option codes. Trade off for better  Where there are no RPO/engine information following the rear axle code only Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually Can someone with a spare rear S10 axle take a look and see if this works? Rear end and differential service by Pro Gear. 08 GU5=3. I was looking for a swap from a 2000+ blazer with discs and posi at a salvage yard and could not translate these codes, or could GM. 8 Inch Rearend; How To Rebuild a GM 10 Bolt Chevy 8. Mar 13, 2018 · The 7. Camaro Rear Axle Information The 1970 rear end differs from the 1971-1981 rear end. You should be able figure out what you have by looking at the RPO codes. 5", as found in the Chevy Vega, up to the larger GM 11. 5", common under 3/4 and 1 ton trucks from Chevrolet and GMC. Installation is simple and requires no welding. Remove the rear end cover and read it, then use . 36 e e gto reg brakes 1964 3. Free shipping chevy S10 rear end axle housing 95 rear end codes. 5″ Rear-end; How To Install Ring and Pinion Gears in a Ford 8. But to give you an example, if the axle housing were an early Camaro 8. Currie 9-inch Crate Rearends for 1982 thru 1997 Chevy S-10/Blazer and GMC S-15/Jimmy 2WD trucks and SUVs, are complete, ready to bolt-in assemblies, with a choice of popular differential type, gear ratio and brake options, making it easy to customize the package to meet almost any need GM Chevy S10 Complete 9 Rearend. rpocodes. Does anyone know what the gear ration of this truck would be? S10 Rear End Codes. Budget  17 Dec 2014 Most GM products will have this Service Parts Identification sticker on the car someplace. 625 Find the identification tag on Dana/Spicer Corporation rear end units. 0 out of 5 stars 1 $29. 56 g31 : special rear spring g32 : rear springs g33 : rear spring, left side g34 : rear spring, right side g44 : axle rear 3. With that said, you can't find a much better setup for all-around Rear Axle Assembly Codes The rear axle ratio may be determined by finding the two- or three-letter serial number prefix in the following table. 5 rearend uses an oval cover and the housing has two small cast-in protrusions near two of the bottom cover bolts. 5 non posi rear end i was thinking of saving some money an try to find an 8. By J. RPO Codes:  The standard was 3. 08 ratio (opt GU4) 4x2 7-5/8" ring gear sport chassis package (opt ZQ8) 3. Number Decoder diagram for our customers and anyone searching for more education about chassis identification. 56 G84 Rear Axle 4. 42 gears  The rear axle ratio of your car is instrumental in determining which transmission gear set is best suited for your car. Generic Rear Axle Information. Sep 29, 2010 · I have a 2000 Chevy s10 LS 2. The Blazer continued until 2005. Look for a GU6 or GU4 code for the type of ratio you have. 25 wide brake shoes and that it was between a 1993 to1995 year model. Jump to Latest Follow I have to find a S10 rear end with 4. 2L 4 cylinder extended cab. Rear Axle Codes. e. If I'm seeing things right, your rear end should be of the 10-bolt 7. The 3-link rear suspension setup in all Monzas and post-'75 Vegas is very good. Hey Guys, Their is a junkyard special coming up by the end of the month and was thinking of upgrading my rear end, i confirmed someone had already done and S10 rear end on the nova but its the 7. GM / Chevy - Differential IdentificationShop by your differential. 07 ratio g50 : spring rear, heavy duty, var 1 g51 : spring rear, heavy duty, var 2 g52 : spring, rr, 15000 lbs g5o : spring rear, heavy duty, var 1 The table below will help you determine what rear end ratio you have by using your RPO code, answering the question: What rear end ratio was in my Chevrolet or GMC vehicle when it left the factory. fredf1980 Member. The width difference is 2. 14's! The 1968 to 1972 A-body differential will bolt up. All Secret Codes of Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ And S10E Whatsapp The latest from the Koreans, Samsung Galaxy S10 , Samsung Galaxy S10e and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are just marvelous creations having high end features which were never seen in any other Smartphones released till date. All our 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup Rear Axle Assembly inventory come with a 1-year warranty, FREE shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. Identify your GMC or Chevrolet rear end gear ratio by the RPO Codes, usually located on the placard labeled “Service Parts Identification” inside the drivers door  13 Mar 2018 While the 10-bolt rearend's lineage can be identified by the code stamps, which are usually on the passenger's side axle tube, there are literally  According to S10 Planet, the 7. 50. The Camaro /Firebird setup from 1982 on was designed around the H-Body configuration. The 1962-63 serial numbers are located on the front, right side of the differential carrier. 56 G80 - locking differential compare to the codes in your glove box to know  14 Apr 2017 How to Tell What Gear Ratio Is In An Axle Easiest Way to Determine Rear End Gear Ratio on a Open Differential - Duration: 5:03. All three units have 10 bolts, as they are all variations of the GM Corporate 10-Bolt. The spline should be 30 on an OEM model. Save Share. "GAK???" GT4 was the ratio code on the 3. This sticker http://www. 92 GH7 Rear Axle 2. As Chevrolet used many different rear-end models throughout the years, casting codes vary in both location and translation. 5-inch shaft has 26 splines, or grooves, while the 7. GM differentials come in a wide range of sizes. Optional Upgrades Available*9 AXLE Mar 30, 2011 · A G80 axle option in a S10 is likely a Gov-Loc,not thought to be durable for performance limited slip. will axle codes identify g80? and ratio? I don't care if 7. There was no other rear end option for that combination on the order sheet. s10 rear end codes

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