“Harry,” Draco choked out. Harry just looked at him steadily, his wand not wavering in the least. Good thing Luna is a very open-minded girl, and so's Ginny! McGonagall and Snape in the top two and McGonagall talking to Harry in the bottom After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. But now, he has the chance to go back. Will what he finds out both help him defeat Voldemort and gain his heart's desire? Severus Snape (9 January, 1960 – 2 May, 1998) was an English half-blood wizard serving as Potions Master (1981-1996), Defence Against the Dark Arts professor (1996-1997), and Headmaster (1997-1998) of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as a member of the Order of the Phoenix and a Death Eater. Harry and Ron slowly walked over to Hermiones table, and got out the ingredients that Snape was writing on the board. TW: child abuse mentions - neglect, physical violence, emotional/mental cruelty. Harry, Ron and Hermione use a temporary Ageing Potion to find out what they will look like on the night of their graduation. For a full minute the three of them stood and looked at the little bundle; Hagrid's shoulders shook, Professor McGonagall blinked furiously and the twinkling light that usually shone in Dumbledore's eyes MainCharacter!AU!Harry IS Janet Frasier. Cov Nov 13, 2012 · "Harry, mate, I'm so sorry about overreacting. Pros- I like how she is a quidditch lover, stern, and competitve. Word Count: 843 words. Cover picture doesn't belong to me. romaine NC-17 566,772 EWE Downloading Porn M. 2. Systematically abused and degraded children do not suddenly turn into well-adjusted members of society when removed from the abusive situation. Net Author's Summary:Harry waits for the summons to go fight the last battle of the war against Voldermort and tries to come to terms with the sacrifice he knows he'll have to make even when Remus tries to talk him out of it. Finally, she called out, "Potter, Harry!" Harry walked up to the stool nervously and sat there for quite some time. Professor McGonagall has watched the Dursleys all day and can see what sort of people they are. Unfortunately after the death of Voldemort, the yearly "dark lord tries to kill Harry" didn't stop. She realized He was never allowed near a doctor or nurse, because they would find out about the bruises, and Uncle Vernon would kill him. Harry's final detention is the next night. Harry escapes the Dursleys with a unique bout of accidental magic and eventually winds up at the Grangers' house. " Harry whimpered "No I heard McGonagall say to Dumbledore that she'll take you in if no one else could. So, technically this is a Fem!Harry story. a. This universe's Harry Potter is a Younger and Completely Seperate Person. When it comes time to send Harry Potter his letter to Hogwarts, it turns out that no one can trace him. Harry tossed down his cloak and fell down on top of it, stretching out on his back as he stared up at the forget-me-not blue sky. Abusive Dursley Family (Harry Potter) Summary the ‘boy-who-lived’ they call him, cursing or praising his name when they feel it suitable. Mentally and physically. Even some of those good Father/Son fluff! Little SSHP, Many Slytherin Harry, and don't forget some DMHP, both friends, family, and lovers. Rowling. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Now Tobias has promised to invite his other son home for Christmas and Harry is eagerly looking forward to meet his “brother”, whom he has never met before. For he was about to do something that he thought he would never do,. Sirius finds out harry is abused fanfiction *Feel free to DM me any recommendations for this communicty. For The Boy Who Has Everything - FoolishWishmaker Voldemort is dead, but the world is going to hell anyway. After her rescue from Malfoy Manor, Luna decides to reward Harry but finds out she isn't the only girl who has the same idea. Harry Potter Marauders Harry Potter Ships Harry Potter Fan Art Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter Memes Harry Potter World The Marauders Harry Potter Professors Cared For After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. The resulting understanding After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. K. Long fic In Care Of Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic - a really great fanfic but it has missing sequel. Located : Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Draco Content Tags : Abuse Anal Angst COMPLETE Fingering H/C HJ M/M MiCD Oneshot Oral TF WAFF Noticing Harry’s hand, Ron forces him to tell the truth. When Family is called upon, Harry finds out that the Dursley are not his only family, and that his past, present and future must be read so his custody can be taken away from both Shouted the Gryffindor Table making McGonagall blush slightly while everyone else laughed lightly. . Harry finds an injured bat outside and tries to heal it. McGonagall's mistake. Content Tags : Angst H/C Herm M/F Other Twenty-three year old, {Reader}, has been in an abused relationship with her boyfriend for nearly 5 years. Harry and Snape mentor fic Harry and Ron are Aurors, but having not completed their training, they are not yet full field operatives. Rowling When Harry Potter sits on the stool and Minerva places the Hat over his head, she finds herself holding her breath. In this story james and lily never die, they have a second son , sirius never goes to askaban and harry is raised by voldemort The Darkness Within Chapter 1: Betra COMPLETE: It’s the Last Battle. Welcome to the Father and Son cateogory of Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations!. Rubeus Hagrid then appears from the sky on Sirius Black's flying motorcycle. Problems arise when Ron and Harry look like death warmed over, multiple scars and burns adorning their bodies, while Hermione's potion doesn't work at all. He had to find Harry before Sirius got in contact with him. “I suppose we could have some guests while we do it. Soon after, strangers, she never met in life, help her out of the abusive situation and soon after Not really sure, but there is an excellent fanfiction where harry is the "bad guy". Author's Summary: Snape adopts Harry in this story that stretches from the end of year six until Harry starts his Auror apprenticeship. Harry potter defense professor fanfiction Harry thinks his life has been planned out, but the night he comes of age changes everything. I actually do love her I just don't like some actions Cons First Year - She never said a thing about a baby left on a doorstep(I understand Dumbles is more powerful, but what about ringing the bell, giving the light s back, and leaving before the Dursleys get downstairs) After learning that his father and godfather was an Animagus, with the help of Sirius Black, Harry learns to become one before his fourth year. Mar 30, 2019 · Yes, I have. ” Draco’s clear grey eyes stared up at him glassily, blinking slowly. Resonance by GreenGecko Summary: Year six and Harry needs rescuing by Dumbledore and Snape. Length: 62K, Complete. When she actually reached orgasm just from Lily’s anal abuse alone, her daughter let out a snarl and abruptly pulled her wand free of Ginny’s asshole. Can Harry finally have the family he has longed for, or will he always be the unwanted one? After returning back from his 5th year at Hogwarts, the Dursley's drop Harry Potter off at the Airport with a plane ticket to Tokyo, Japan where he would live his new distant relatives. Fanfiction. Misused, Harry turns to the Slytherins. “A Different Future” - The Dursleys don't want Harry, so Vernon tries to leave him on the steps of a church. By: Cuteblndegoddess. They already knew he was being mistreated, but they couldn't figure out how he got the scars if he wasn't being abused. She can  6 May 2016 The three professors, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall appeared out of thin air at the entrance to No 4, Privet Drive, Surrey, England. All characters belong to J. When Severus Snape arrived in Minerva McGonagall's office half an hour later, his first impulse was to turn and run, because as well as Minerva and Potter as he'd expected, the office had had to be expanded because Hermione Granger, Augusta Longbottom, Griselda Marchbanks, Tiberius Ogden, Amelia Bones, Alastor Moody, Senior Auror Gawain Robards, an Unspeakable, Andromeda Tonks, Eugene Fawcett Aug 1, 2019 - After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's Stay safe and healthy. Dursley child abuse. Harry’s hands cupped around his face and pressed into his cheeks roughly. Net. On his birthday, he finds out that a certain Potions Master is his father, but Severus has finally settled into life with his other son. Words: 82,211 Updated: Feb 23, 2015. Without "Harry stay right here I'm going to go get Professor Mcgonagall. Harry and Draco are exploring their relationship as partners in Animagus Recovery and lovers. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrell… [This is by far the most famous fan fiction out there. Rowling Fanfiction After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. He hadn't waited to hear his score or be checked over by the medi-witch as he hadn't been injured. This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. Pairing: Draco Malfoy x reader. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is an on-going Harry Potter fanfic by Eliezer Yudkowsky, AI researcher and decision theorist. Rowling Fanfiction. 1. Warnings: Severitus fic. Her lungs are aching by the time the Hat adds the young boy to her house. Anjafifi. Relief floods her so powerfully she barely registers the next few Sortings. Net Author's Summary: Lily and the Marauders go into hiding right after Voldemort attacks them, they can't bring harry, Harry is left in the care of snape, They don't return until Harry turns 13, having grown up knowing Snape for his father. Moody smiled which by itself was a horrifying sight, then nodded and put his wand away. When they landed, they were in a dark alley. "Come on Harry," "We know you're abused. Harry/McGonagall/Multi - if you don’t like this paring, don’t read on. then the boy meets a man who truly does not care for the boys status; the man then meets a young boy who does not understand nor bother for his own reputation either. Getting out from under the table, Harry pulled off the invisibility cloak. ‘Just shut up, Malfoy. I didn't mean to. Competing with allies and enemies, Harry finds there is a cost to winning. During the feast, there was a teacher watching Harry Potter When Minerva McGonagall finds out that Harry Potter sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs when she sends the Hogwarts letters, she goes to investigate and finds an abused and severely deprived boy. Aunt Petunia is not really his Aunt at all, and many other family secrets. He is leaving when, as Umbridge grabs his hand to check his work, his scar starts burning. unintentionally the man has just "You may enter Minevra" he answered. Rated for abuse and cursing. net FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav Saving Draco Malfoy. In fact, now that she looked around the room almost half the Weasleys looked nervous, anxious, or in Ron's case, furious. After hearing a little bit about him through Ron's letters, Ginny realizes that she doesn't know as much about Harry Potter as she thought she did. In a world where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry still grows up with the Dursleys, but he learns to be more private about what matters to him. Story Search (84,941 found) Page 1 of 3,398 Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme Status JOIN HARRY POTTER FANFICTION. "You must be Harry Before Minerva would answer young Harry Potter, she took him outside and then called for a night bus. With the quill in one hand and Hedwig in his other, his professor said "Green Lollipop" (obviously Dumbledore's doing), and Harry felt the unwanted, familiar tug at his navel. What he really needs is more time… why does Hermione look so guilty when he says that? Smart!Harry, Grey!Harry, Sane!Voldemort, pure-blood culture. Related Tags. Get access to every new feature the moment it comes out. His double life played an extremely important role in both of the Wizarding The difference is, he doesnt go alone. 6 Sep 2018 On the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, it's time Minerva McGonagall finally got the Plus, she wears emerald green even though she's head of Gryffindor because dammit, the witch knows what she  20 Dec 2016 Outside, well… as Sirius said, we do not know what may happen. General. Mar 20, 2020 - After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's Stay safe and healthy. After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Cov Stories where Hermione finds out she is adopted has a different blood status, she is placed in the custody of another or finds out some werid power. Harry Potter of House Slytherin begins his Third Year at Hogwarts Battle School and realizes that friend and foe are too similar for his liking. Harry abducted to the forest, Dumbledore and Snape find him with 2 dead DE; Harry AKs Voldemort, adopted by Snape and visits Snape's parents. Harry is the adopted son of Tobias Snape. r/HPfanfiction: Fanfic - Hogwarts style! Brutal Harry by LordsFire. People who would do a better job at raising Harry Potter than the Dursleys according to fanfiction: 1) Sirius and Remus, 2) McGonagall, 3) The Longbottoms, 4) His not-so dead parents 5) Crossover characters, 6) Random OCs, 7) Wild Animals, 8) Severus Snape, 9) The Malfoys, 10) Barty Crouch Jr. Unless, Obi-Wan Kenobi intervenes in his quest to amend and atone. When the Golden trio are captured and brought to Malfoy Manor in 7th year Draco thinks that this is a ruse and that they have secretly come to rescue him and his family because of his conversation with Dumbledore on the tower in 6th year. Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past is a Harry Potter Peggy Sue fic written by S'TarKan / Viridian / Evil Author Lord. Formerly Known as Harry Potter? by ev11235813 is an Alternate Universe Fic for Harry Potter. Harry has always wished for someone to care, for a family of his own. Harry can turn until an animal (animagus but I don’t think that’s how it’s spelled) Hermione and Harry meeting before Hogwarts. Minerva places Harry in  17 Apr 2011 Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything associated with it. I' m sure there's a piece of fanfiction on the internet about this. fanfic  The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books written by J. We worked something like that out in second year," "We just didn't realise the extent of the situation. fanfiction. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family/Hurt/ Comfort - Harry P. When Dumbledore leaves Harry on their doorstep and disappears, she takes him away. Hoping they would understand because if they don't he's all out of options, all out of Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female: Hermione finds a music box and decides to play it. Jun 20, 2016 · Harry and Ron are out searching for Horcruxes and Hermione's been left to help Professor McGonagall run Hogwarts. Hermione didn't even bother to ask what crawled up his arse. This is an Alternate Universe story, where Petunia married a scientist. Harry ignores his suggestion to tell Professor McGonagall, feeling this is a private battle. At the same time Albus was trying to find Harry, Amelia was questioning Minerva McGonagall about everything she had found out from Harry potter. Rowling and Warner Bros. When a young Sirius Black is resurrected from the Marauder's Map, the Order has to decide what to do with him -- and Harry has to decide how he feels about it. Rowling Dumbledore sends Severus to check in on five year old Harry, he finds a very abused little boy who thinks his name is Freak. After learning that his father and godfather was an Animagus, with the help of Sirius Black, Harry learns to become one before his fourth year. A bunch of kids lost parents or guardians before Voldemort vanished. He is carrying the baby Harry Potter, whom he had just rescued from the  Directions to William Mcgonagall AKA professor McGonagall's grave from Harry Potter, in Greyfriars Kirkyard How to find professor McGonagall's grave in Edinburgh It got out of control and Dundee magistrates banned his performances. Harry is fated to kill and be killed by a dark lord. Because I wanna help. "Just something happened out of the blue" Harry said and stepped aside to reveal his 'parents and sister. Hermione was stunned as well, holding the extandable ear in her hand. Snape finished writing the ingredients on the board, and they read: dragons ear wax, trolls eye lashes, grims’ fur, hippogriffs menstrual blood- “WHAT!!!! Harry is very angry when he finds this out. Pairing: H/D, R/S, BW/DJ, CW/SC, SB/JO, RW/HG, Teal/Tonks These are the pairing so far it may change, but the main pairings are H/D and R/S and they should be together forever. net Harry Potter was the last champion to participate and when he got his egg (due to using some truly spectacular magic) he walked in the front of the medical tent and directly out the back flap and disappeared. Mar 11, 2016 · Summary: After Professor Snape finds Hermione in a sexual embrace with one of his most “experienced” Slytherins after curfew, he takes into himself to punish her by spanking her. The rest of the Weasleys entered quickly including Harry and Ginny, who for some reason looked nervous. While on assignment Hermione finds an injured Draco and brings him back to number 12 Grimmauld Place to the dismay of Harry and everyone else. , Minerva M. Register Today! Try writing fanfiction. The story opens with an adult Harry finally defeating Voldemort after fighting him and his Death Eaters for about thirteen years. And when I found out she was missing-" he cast a side-way glance at Ginny, "-and found out that you were in the hospital, I came right away. However, during his fourth year, a mishap happens that’ll change his life and a few others forever. He hoped it meant that the woman had taken Harry somewhere, like the shops. He looked at the hat-trick he had achieved, before taking the book from Hermione and looking at the potion she had been reading up on. Who knew one simple sentence and one Jun 14, 2011 · Summary: Things only get worse for Harry as summer begins. Cov WMB Harry Potter Background Harry Potter Comics Harry Potter Marauders Harry Potter Jokes Harry Potter Fan Art Harry Potter Fandom Harry Potter Universal Harry Potter World The Voldemort, the most powerful Dark wizard in history, killed Harry and [Y/N] parents but mysteriously vanished after trying to kill the Potter twins. ’ “Not again,” Harry muttered to himself, shaking hair out of his eyes. Years passed, Harry is so done with it. Harry reluctantly goes back to bed, but is still upset. She finds out the secrets that have kept him on the run for over a year. "Please, he'll kill me if anyone knows. Join us in our literary In this story, Harry finally learns to deal with his trust issues and to share his worries with the adults close to him. Cov Что говорят другие After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harr… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad When Voldemort finds out about Harry’s predicament, he takes advantage, rendering Harry without protection from the wards, blind, and emotionally damaged. Dinner was a quiet affair. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap by Seel’vor: Harry Potter won the Second Blood War and defeated his enemies… and was left with Harry Potter, Meet Ginny Weasley by QwayMelqnu [Reviews - 29] Ginny finds out that her older brother Ron has somehow befriended 'The Boy Who Lived'. The Dursleys have had it out for him ever since he was dropped on their doorstep. " McGonagall took a quill out of her cloak, and indicated Harry to grab on. In King’s Cross, Harry finds out that he has been manipulated by many people in his life. Complete Harry angst. Harry's New Home is a completed AU Harry Potter Fan Fiction written by kbinnz. bigblue2289 is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Mass Effect. "I'm ok, Professor" Harry answered honestly. Finally a post that supports my head canon that McGonagall and Snape constantly place bets on all sorts of things going on in the school (especially quidditch and Weasly related shenanigans) Harry Potter belongs to J. The trio finds out! lmao After returning back from his 5th year at Hogwarts, the Dursley's drop Harry Potter off at the Airport with a plane ticket to Tokyo, Japan where he would live his new distant relatives. harry potter harry potter fanfic harry potter fanfiction harry x draco harry controlling and Remus finds out and asks for help from James After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Today they were making, a skin coloring potion. Includes the oneshot prequel Harry's First Detention and the multichapter titular fic, found here . Includes the oneshot prequel Implied Death Threat: Dumbledore and McGonagall both give Snape one when they find out he hit Harry. The story is heavily AU and discounts the blood-protection issue, as well as portraying the Dursleys (and incidentally Minerva McGonagall) as far more vicious than they are in canon; but as a story about one abuse-survivor trying to help another it is touching and dramatic, as a traumatized and beaten Harry gradually learns that a snarl from During Harry's fifth year, Minerva McGonagall's cousin Rain comes to Hogwarts to be the History of Magic professor. Dudley has a magical child. Buy Harry Potter Minerva McGonagall Film-Inspired Collector Doll at Walmart. Summary: Things only get worse for Harry as summer begins. When McGonagall comes to give him his letter, she also unwittingly gives Harry both a new quest and a new passion: Transfiguration. He was surprised to find it was Professor McGonagall. , Albus D. Several years ago, Harry was taken in by Social Services and his guardians were arrested for child abuse. They were there on a self-appointed task of tackling the Dursleys on their treatment of their nephew Harry Potter. While the wizarding world is celebrating Voldemort's downfall, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Hagrid place the one year-old orphans Answer to the Harry Potter and the Hero's Reward Challenge on HPFFA, but I've added my own twists to the story. The two boys grow closer as time goes on, as does Draco and Pansy with the trio. The Wizarding World is to watch out-Harry Potter or Skylar Novalen is to show that he is unforgiving and will not tolerate betrayal. Took you long. When his absence from Hogwarts is discovered, Minerva McGonagall heads out to find her wayward  11 Apr 2011 Ron finds Harry crying in his bed one night after a detention. k. A swift fluttered by, and Harry watched it until it disappeared from his field of vision into the trees of the Forbidden Forest. She decided that since it was  6 Jan 2018 Professor McGonagall knew who it had to be Harry James Potter. While the sexual aspects of the story were not detailed Description: An avid fanfiction reader falls into the Harry Potter Universe just before the Triwizard Tournament, and has to come to terms with what he's lost, take advantage of what he's gained, and figure out how to deal with the truths he's hiding. Drama. - The two runaways (or just Harry) finds out there is actually a whole group of homeless wizard kids who attend Hogwarts. All of the fics listed here will either feature Harry and Severus biologically Father and Son, or Harry raised by Severus since he was a child, making him associate Snape as his father. No copyright infringement is intended. Aug 15, 2018 · Harry continued eating out Molly, but he pushed ger forward, making her bend her back as her head reached down to his crotch, just inches from Ginny’s clit. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. Unknown to him, this is actually Snape as an animagus. “No, no, no. Now including xovers with Buffy, Angel and twilight. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. The relationship led her to fear, self-hatred, and suicidal thoughts. Harry continued to look at him, starting to make the old Auror slightly uncomfortable, which, considering he had faced some of the worst the world had to offer, was some accomplishment. Needless to say, Snape  31 Mar 2012 Summary: This Fanfiction takes place during Harry's Third year in Hogwarts directly after the Grim Defeat. 1,368 words. 6 Jun 2017 When Minerva McGonagall finds out that Harry Potter sleeps in a cupboard under the stairs when she sends the Hogwarts letters, she goes to investigate and finds an abused and severely deprived boy. He is found by a boy on the train. When he He got out of bed and quickly walked over to where Harry's bed was. Goes through Harry's life. McGonagall took a quill out of her cloak, and indicated Harry to grab on. Rowling or Warner Bros. Maybe these kids grew up on the street, or ran away from orphanages or foster homes. Since then, his whereabouts have been unknown. Until Harry permanently dies under the hand of a dark Lord, Harry will attract the attention of the nearest dark Lord and will try to kill him. Nov 03, 2015 · Author Summary: "Harry Potter has found out he's a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. But an incident in Hogsmeade will send them all packing. When Harry and Hermione find out that Draco is being abused, his suspicions are confirmed. Rated K+. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson: The Next Generation: The Series » by PercyPotter7048 Over a decade has passed since the deaths of Perseus Jackson, demigod hero, and Harry Potter, wizarding hero, occurred. As part of Harry and Ron's training, they are sent out with only certified field operatives. Minerva places Harry in another household, this time a loving one. Abused by his relatives, he is saved by an unlikely person, and finds out something that could change his life forever. Yours faithfully, . 5 May 2020 Many Harry Potter fanfiction stories are truly brilliant and we picked 12 of the best HP fanfics to prove it. It happens again, but this time (for some reason, dont remember why) Professor Snape finds out and helps Harry - I think he ends up bringing Harry down to his room for the night. Complete, oneshot. I have four main universes, all posted on www. Taking him home, he tries to care for the child who doesn't think he deserves happiness or love. The Accidental Animagus by White Squirrel. Title Reference: Body Say x Demi Lovato. Entrant for the Holiday Fic fest 2015. K. The teachers  Sometime later, Minerva asked for Jacob sibling's help to find Gryffindor Broom Wax which had been misplaced by the It was only when she saw Harry Potter's body being carried by Hagrid that she began to despair, letting out a scream  28 Mar 2018 Fred and George might have been the funniest pair at Hogwarts, but Harry and Ron gave them a run for their money. She is greeted by a young man she thinks is Draco, but comes to find out that the man is Draco's son Scorpius. "This sounds perfect. Harry was happy at first about it, but finds out very quickly that not all as it seems in this city. Great stories of Harry melting Snape's heart, becoming friends with Slytherins. The resulting understanding Fanfiction. Ron and his brothers were never able to rescue Harry from Privet Drive. Starting Over Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic - Snape finds out about Harry's home life during his occlumency lessons Strong Blood Chapter 1: In Memory, a harry potter fanfic - Harry and Dudley learn about their grandparents. " Grinning, Hermione pulled Harry into a passionate kiss. Before Harry arrives at Hogwarts, the faculty have a meeting and decide that Harry will need a mentor to help him adjust, keep him out of trouble, and make protecting him easier. Filch is revealed to be a Squib in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry accidentally discovers that he is trying to teach Near the end of Half-Blood Prince, Flitwick is sent by Professor McGonagall to ask Professor Snape to come to the aid of the Order of the  When the Dursleys go to bed, Minerva meets up with Albus Dumbledore outside their house. All of a sudden she finds herself at Malfoy Manor. This fic deals  Albus immediately heads out to Privet Drive to find out what was going on, along with Minerva and a reluctant Severus "Harry Potter!" Minerva McGonagall shouted, as she read his name from the register, one of the names she'd been  3 May 2016 There are a ton of underrated characters in the Harry Potter series that don't get the credit that they deserve. Book 7 scenerio. And the Chosen Ones of the Force and Magic will have vengeance against those, who betrayed them. Yes So, when we find out that the cat is actually the equally-stern McGonagall, it makes rereading the scene even more hilarious. - Chapters: 15 - Words: 6,431  15 Dec 2013 The full extent of Harry's abuse at the hands of the Dursleys comes out when Professor McGonagall hand delivers his Hogwarts letter so, by the time Sirius gets out of Azkaban, Harry is living with the Weasleys and neither  21 May 2008 "I'm Minerva McGonagall," she said sweetly with her Scottish accent. But when destiny calls, Harry finds himself ready to listen. “Would you mind telling me why I had to find out from Severus that you are leaving to pick up Potter tonight, Albus?” “I believe I told you I was leaving tonight, Minerva,” he replied, sitting back in his chair and observing her over his half moon  Harry's New Home is a completed AU Harry Potter Fan Fiction written by kbinnz. Harry straightened up as Professor McGonagall entered Dumbledore’s office. However, someone is out to take revenge on all Death Eaters and Death Eater sympathisers that are Animagi. You won't be going 'Thanks Professor,' the group sighed as they left, they hoped Harry wasn't being abused. In the aftermath, Snape becomes the Headmaster and radically changes Hogwarts. Harry’s Other Aunt Summary: Harry finds out after Sirius’ death that he has another family. Warning: mention of sex · · · · ‘Finally, you show up. Opinion: This fanfiction was surprisingly well laid out. help raise the son of his worst enemy. Status: Good. See more details  Professor Minerva McGonagall, was a half-blood witch, the only daughter of Muggle Robert McGonagall and witch Isobel Ross. Until she suddenly leaves him and enrolls at Hawthorne Academy. Sep 05, 2012 · [Available in up to 1080p HD] Please leave suggestions for additional scenes to be uploaded. "This'll make you big. But Harry has Hermione, and it isn't so bad. Minerva. Harry Potter, Severus Snape. She'd find out later anyway. I guess I was just jealous that Hermione had chosen you. net. orders over $35. Harry Potter Discussion and Reviews. He reached up towards Harry with trembling hands. Now rationalist!Harry enters the wizarding world armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit. ) Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11) - Snape flavour: Loving Snape Tags: Child fic Minerva McGonagall pregnant. Summary: Gen, AU. ” He explained and Harry’s smile faltered. "Freak Harry had made his own make-shift cast for it out of the meager clothing scraps in his room. This work of fiction is a Potter/Stargate crossover, with a main character older Harry Potter getting thrown back in time and having his gender reversed. Harry was experiencing. Goodreads allows fanfiction if they are completed, self-published, and book-length. harry potter fanfic. What's left of them are their children, and their legacy. Now, he has what he always wanted: a loving family, and he'll need their help to take on the magical world and vanquish the dark lord who has pursued him from birth. ’ Malfoy smirked, leaning on the bathroom sink. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it. Anjafifi, Harry Finds out the Truth about the Prophecy Discussion and Reviews. When Severus decides to adopt Harry, it creates a massive paradigm shift, for all of them, including Draco Malfoy. To her chagrin, she finds out that she enjoys the discipline and tries to find other people to satisfy her needs. Physical abuse is more common but I’ve seen a lot of sexual abuse as well. Aug 1, 2019 - After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's Stay safe and healthy. ' Potter! Weasley! Will you pay attention?' Professor McGonagall's irritated voice cracked like a whip through the 'mortal peril' on more than one occasion, Ron and Harry still managed to find humour in their often dark situations. That was a Liaison for Scotland Yard to the wizarding world after Lily got her letter. Harry Potter is the property of J. Series. "What happened Professor? Are you OK Harry?" she asked them both at once. This replica wand captures the an aut. 6 Nov 2018 Harry Potter fans are annoyed about the chronological timeline of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: The because it features a young Professor McGonagall - who wouldn't actually be born when the film comes out. Harry is a descendant of the founders of Hogwarts. com. Harry finds juggling studying for his Muggle IGCSEs and his Hogwarts subjects harder than he expected, especially with the distraction of Sirius Black escaping Azkaban. Harry McGonagall by witowsmp. Harry is forced to go into hiding as Snape’s son. Net Author's Summary: What happens when Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived fell asleep one night, only to have his world turned upside down. The night that Harry James Potter became the boy who lived it changed Severus Snape's life forever. She was also the only one of James' friends to befriend Snape. He laid Harry gently on the doorstep, took a letter out of his cloak, tucked it inside Harry's blankets and then came back to the other two. This leads to a We get to see an interesting and creative backstory to her, as well as to many other characters, such as McGonagall. (a. HHr There was no sign of Arabella nor Harry. Just when she was about to ask the headmaster what to do, the hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" Professor McGonagall felt pride as she watched Harry go to the Gryffindor table. Much to his surprise, both Draco and Harry grow to love the man that Severus is and each other, leading them to stay until the very end. Summary: Hermione accidentally finds out about Malfoy and Y/N. Harry’s Grandma Evans comes back from a world tour and finds out what the world and Petunia has done to her grand baby. The old gen is written great, but the new gen at Hogwarts is horrible. - At first, Minerva thinks Harry just to be a small statured child. JOIN HARRY POTTER FANFICTION. the Tenth Doctor), 11) The Lestranges, 12 Yet another take on Harry’s first Occlumency lesson with Snape. Fanfiction After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. (A rewrite of an old fanfic of mine. Here's a few times when Harry and Ron dished out comedy gold (when they weren't fighting Dark wizards, of course). The story details the events set into motion when one Severus Snape is given care of Harry Potter after the abusive and neglectful treatment by the Dursleys is uncovered. Rain, a Ravenclaw, was a year behind the Marauders, and had romantic entanglements with both Sirius and Remus. Hiding from Voldemort, Draco Malfoy is put under Hermione's watch to keep him safe Harry smiled a little expecting him to stop these, but then he sent a patronus that went out the door. "Merlin knows I hate Tuney and I came here to chew her out," he turned a forbidding look towards Petunia,  19 Apr 2017 First Year Harry goes to speak to Professor McGonagall and finds out what real love is. Harry is a virgin, and not exactly happy about it. Now there are decisions to be made and a path to be chosen, and the choices before him will change the lives of everyone he knows. " The twins said going back and forth. 2 Apr 2013 Harry was stuck with his angry relatives all summer. Kingsley Shackelbolt, Head Auror, only sends out Aurors in teams. Then, it suddenly is. - OR the non magical high school AU with an abused Harry that nobody asked for Jan 25, 2019 · Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Draco, on the other hand, is a new fully certified field operative. For some reason I have a picture in my head of Grandma Evans being a retired Bobby( police officer). Part 4 of "Perfectly Normal". The Road Taken by Lady of El (aka Solo Shodan) The Dursley’s physically/sexually abuse Harry. Hogwarts students are fighting, the Scoobies are providing some much needed cavalry, and Xander Harris finds out a little more than he really wanted to know about another deadbeat dad. Harry grunted, Lily moaned, and Ginny cried out, her pain slowly turning to pleasure that the older red head simply could not escape from. They would just have to wait until McGonagall spoke with them, and hoped it didn't take long. okay but harry potter au where harry meets a cat on his first day of hogwarts and cuddles it and tells it all about his troubles and being abused by the dursleys just so he has someone to talk to and suddenly a very angry minerva mcgonagall appears and just like goes the fuck up to dumbledore with harry in tow and is like “i told you those muggles were so good fuck you he’s mine now c’mon son!” Fandom: Harry Potter Tags: abused!Harry; dark!Harry. She stuck out her tongue, appeasing Harry by playing with her daughter’s pussy, licking Ginny’s tiny clit ass her labia was stretched by the monster cock. They decide that this person should the Head of the House into which Harry is sorted, presumably Minerva McGonagall. Only Snape must overcome his insecurities and Harry his goal of remaining pure. Hell hath no fury like an irate grandma. When Harry finds out he’s pregnant – and will face enough magical drain to kill him in just a few short months without the other parent to help supply magic to the unborn baby – it’s a race against the clock to figure out not just how Harry became pregnant in the first place, but who the other father is. I need all the hurt and abused kids from Hogwarts to get some closure and be allowed to call out the abuse and harassment they’ve experienced, okay? Harry just not even connecting how wrong his treatment by the Dursley’s was until years after the war. mcgonagall finds out harry is abused fanfiction

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